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Why does heart monitoring make sense?

Cardiovascular disease is the main cause of death in the Czech Republic. Long-term monitoring is a key tool for prevention, support of heart health, early recognition and treatment of heart diseases.

Prevention of serious diseases

Cardiac arrhythmia, which is suffered by over half a million people in the Czech Republic, can lead to heart failure, stroke or the early onset of dementia. 30% of people suffering from cardiac arrhythmia do not know about it, they are without difficulties. You can be one of them.

Our lifestyle, our heart

Are they in line? Find out! Stress, lack of exercise, obesity, unbalanced diet, alcohol and smoking put a significant strain on the heart. Better to know sooner rather than later.

Management of risk factors

High blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, heredity (even despite a healthy lifestyle) play against your heart. Monitor it to reduce the risk of many factors and give yourself peace of mind knowing what you’re in for.

Tailored medical care without delay

Long-term monitoring of the heart provides key data for personalizing treatment by the doctor and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Also, monitoring by the user at any time, especially in case of problems, can speed up the stressful waiting for the verdict, whether the heart is in order.

Kardi Ai service

The Kardi Ai service connects an ECG recording device in the form of a comfortable chest strap with a unique application that is certified as a class IIa medical device. The application monitors the rhythm of your heart and alerts you immediately in case of irregularities. At the same time, it generates a detailed report on your heart activity for the doctor.

Regular heart monitoring makes sense. All you need is a smartphone, the Kardi Ai application, and a chest belt, and you will significantly contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, which are the cause of 40% of deaths in our country. Catch a problem before it happens.

The Kardi Ai app is available
for iOS and Android.


EKG record

Anytime, anywhere, unlimited, at a favorable price and in high quality by certified cardiologists in medical studies.


AI evaluation

Based on ECG recordings, artificial intelligence evaluates the activity of the heart and immediately communicates the results directly to the user. Desired peace and security for you, or warning that you need to seek medical help. A detailed report for the doctor is a matter of course.


Connecting with a doctor

Kardi Ai directly connects your heart with a cardiologist who has constant access to your ECG recordings. The records are evaluated by artificial intelligence not only at the given moment, but also as a whole for weeks, months and years, and this will allow the doctor to determine a more accurate diagnosis, and above all to determine it faster.

Expert opinions on Kardi Ai

How does Kardi Ai contribute to more accurate and faster diagnosis? Is this a breakthrough in heart health care? Opinions and experiences of leading doctors who gave the Kardi Ai service a chance:

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