Take care of your heart with Kardi Ai

Is the Kardi Ai service for you? Do you want to actively screen your health and fight preventively against the main cause of death in the European Union and World? Do you want to become your doctor’s partner in the above-standard care of your heart?

Then the service is exactly for you. Regardless of age or health history, each of us is looking for peace and security.

Benefits for Kardi Ai users

Ongoing assessment of your heart

You have the activity of your heart under unlimited supervision at any time, whether you are sleeping, routinely at work or watching TV or, for example, during exercise and sports as an assurance that your heart is perfoming as it should.

Monitoring of the highest quality

You own an affordable measuring device whose quality is demonstrably comparable to ECG devices in medical facilities. The service will notify you immediately if a problem is detected. The records are evaluated by artificial intelligence and summarized for your doctor, who will appreciate the significant time savings to be able to focus more on your treatment.

Easy and convenient to use

You won’t need to be an expert in medicine or technology. Just wear a chest strap and own a smartphone. The belt is discreet, invisible under clothing and will be comfortable to wear during your normal daily activities.

Saving time and money

Through preventive arrhythmia screenings, you may avoid situations that could deprive you of your job or could mean very expensive treatment. In addition, the time saved for effective and immediate diagnosis, which would traditionally cost you hours in waiting rooms or on waiting lists for Holter monitoring, is often priceless.

Partner with your doctor

You have a chance to become an active guardian of your heart health. If necessary, you can provide the doctor with detailed analyzes of heart activity and monitor how your lifestyle affects your health.

What are heart rhythm disorders?

Atrial fibrillation is the most common significant heart rhythm disorder in the adult population. Characteristic symptoms are irregular heartbeats, unpleasant tightness in the chest, inefficiency or shortness of breath. A significant number of people may not experience any subjective difficulties and the arrhythmia is detected completely randomly on the ECG…
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The most common non-serious heart rhythm anomaly in the population. They arise as a result of premature activation of the heart’s atria. It can be individual (isolated) excess heart skips, which we feel as skipping a beat, or persistent excess heart skips, which are usually perceived as fast, regular heartbeats with a frequency of over 100/minute lasting seconds to tens of seconds. A large number of people do not have any problems and SVES are detected only on the ECG recording…
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They can occur in otherwise completely healthy individuals, where they are a relatively minor finding, but in some cases they are a manifestation of damage to the heart muscle. They manifest themselves as skips of the heart, irregular heartbeat, missing beats, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. They are often detected completely randomly only in the ECG recording…
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With some exceptions, supraventricular tachycardias generally have good prognosis, especially if no other significant heart disease is known. Difficulties and symptoms mostly arise. ..
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Up to 80% of these are so-called ventricular arrhythmias, which are serious conditions where there is an unnatural generation and circling of electrical impulses in the heart chambers…
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With a slow heart rate, the heart as a pump does not have enough blood output to adequately supply the other organs in the body. Insufficient supply to the brain can lead to loss of consciousness. A significant slow rhythm disturbance can lead to heart pauses or complete cardiac arrest…
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At such an disproportionately high heart rate, the heart becomes exhausted and may fail. Since there is not enough time for the heart to fill, there is also insufficient blood output, and this results in a drop in blood pressure, dizziness, nausea and even impaired consciousness…
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How to use Kardi Ai

To use the Kardi Ai service, you need a smartphone on which to install the application and a chest strap, which will be sent to you after ordering the service and will be yours to keep. The connection between the belt and the mobile application is ensured by Bluetooth technology. Always keep your phone with you during use. The application can be run on mobile phones with operating systems iOS 14.0 (Apple) and later or Android 7.0 and later (Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and others)

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Stories from our users

Heart monitoring makes sense for several important reasons related to the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease and the promotion of overall heart health.

The young linguist struggled with an irregular heartbeat

Tomáš, a young professor of linguistics, underwent several Holter EKGs, but nothing in the recordings indicated a more serious problem.
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Michael was suffering from shortness of breath. Kardi Ai discovered the problem.

Michaela, 32 years old, who had never been treated for heart disease in the past, complained to the doctor about occasional dizziness and shortness of breath, she felt that she was not getting enough air.
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The operation did not help Kamila. Another measurement revealed the problem

Kamila underwent heart surgery due to supraventricular tachycardia. Even after the procedure, she suffered from dizziness.
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The young hockey player felt nauseous for a long time

Cardiac arrhythmia also affects young athletes, regardless of the correct lifestyle or active lifestyle.
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What they say about us

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The Kardi Ai service is available to you throughout the subscription period. The frequency of records is up to you. The recommended length of measurement is at least 7 hours per week, for technical reasons, observe the minimum recording length of 15 minutes.
Document the belt wear and send it to support@kardi.ai. Everything has a lifespan and we need to insure that the recordings we make are of good quality.
The size of the belt must suit you, it must not be too big – the belt needs to be tightened thoroughly to ensure the quality of the recording. If the size is inappropriately chosen, contact us at +420 779 998 100 or at support@kardi.ai, we will resolve the situation.
You keep the belt, you received it from us to use as a personal accessory part of your subscription to Kardi Ai. For hygienic reasons, it cannot be used on another person. Keep it in case you decide to use our service again in the future.
One month before the end of the subscription, an e-mail is sent with instructions on how to renew. If anything is not clear to you, contact us at +420 779 998 100 or at podpora@kardi.ai
Contact us at +420 779 998 100 or at podpora@kardi.ai.
When registering, we sent you an SMS message with data to check. If the entered e-mail address is correctly, check your SPAM inbox. If the email was not delivered there either, please contact us at +420 779 998 100 or at support@kardi.ai

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Are you thinking about Kardi Ai for yourself, for your loved ones or for your health clinic? Contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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