Heart monitoring makes sense for several important reasons related to the prevention, detection and treatment of heart disease and the promotion of overall heart health.

The young linguist struggled with an irregular heartbeat

Tomáš, a young professor of linguistics, underwent several Holter EKGs, but nothing in the recordings indicated a more serious problem.
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Michael was suffering from shortness of breath. Kardi Ai discovered the problem.

Michaela, 32 years old, who had never been treated for heart disease in the past, complained to the doctor about occasional dizziness and shortness of breath, she felt that she was not getting enough air.
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The operation did not help Kamila. Another measurement revealed the problem

Kamila underwent heart surgery due to supraventricular tachycardia. Even after the procedure, she suffered from dizziness.
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The young hockey player felt nauseous for a long time

Cardiac arrhythmia also affects young athletes, regardless of the correct lifestyle or active lifestyle.
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