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We seek innovative partnerships that push the boundaries of healthcare. Each partner is unique to us. Together, we will develop a joint plan and strategy corresponding to your specific needs.

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We are ready to open new opportunities for cooperation with various partners, including hospitals, health insurance companies, health care providers, specialized e-commerce platforms, life insurance companies and other entities.

Hospitals and healthcare providers

Cost reduction

Thanks to our solution, heart arrhythmia detection is five times more likely than with many standard ECG devices. (The more we measure, the more we find.) It is the early detection of heart arrhythmia that contributes to the prevention of heart failure, stroke and the early onset of dementia, which reduces the costs associated with their treatment. Continuous ECG data provides immediate feedback on the set treatment.

Greater comfort and better quality care that patients will appreciate.

Our EKG recorder is easy to use, discreet and comfortable to wear. We want to ensure the most comfortable experience for patients in hospital facilities. It does not restrict patients in their movement or in standard activities, including sports, swimming, showering, sleeping. EKG measurement is therefore suitable for almost any activity, while the measured data are provided to the attending physician without delay.

Time savings for doctors and patients

The doctor has the results of the patient's measurements available in the system for the doctor immediately after their completion, he or she can evaluate them and effectively set next steps with the patient.

Health and life insurance companies

Life risk reduction

Thanks to the early detection of cardiac arrhythmias, the risk of a life threatening situation and associated costs is reduced.

Digitization of healthcare

Insured patients realize the added value of the insurance company in the form of active involvement in the digitization of healthcare and the use of modern technologies for the benefit of the insured's health.

Watch the video where our solution is described directly by one of the founders of Kardi Ai, leading Czech cardiologist Assoc. Prof. MD Tomáš Skála, Ph.D., FESC.

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